Step 1: Defining Your Goal

Every business is different, every industry is different. SpAM will help you define a realistic goal to make your company successful through branding, development, and marketing.

Too many businesses underestimate the importance of an air tight business plan. Those businesses are the ones that won’t be around next year. We’ll see to it that you will.

Step 2: Branding Your Company

A recognizable brand will be the most important asset your company will ever have. It will be your identity, it will be something everyone will identify with your company. A nicely designed brand can help you raise funding, or gain public appeal. Think where some of todays giants would be with out their logos. Pepsi, NBC’s peacock, McDonald’s golden arches, and AOL’s triangle are instantly recognizable.

Step 3: Design & Development

This is where our talented staff of graphic artists and programmers get down to business. Using the latest technologies available such as Flash, DHTML, XML, JSP, and PHP, our Tech team will make your vision a reality.

We will make sure that your site will stay up and running, and withstand the traffic that you will be sure to receive.

Step 4: Marketing & Promotion

The last leg of your journey is by far the most challenging… getting customers. Through the use of newsletter mailings, ad buys, banner buys, print collateral, and promotions, we will get the customers pouring in.

We also provide tracking information so you can see who your customers are, where they’re coming from, and how they got there. This will help define your demographic for later promotions.